the skeletal life: five weekend workshops

One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.
— A.A. Milne


a long-term study of healthy movement

with erin ferguson, ma, gcfp
come to one or all. 

I have long wanted to offer a deeper exploration into how you know yourself through movement because movement is a vehicle for an experience of wholeness. We know ourselves through our sensations of movement. 

Feldenkrais lessons integrate your thoughts, feelings, and sensations into your movement, leading to a more integrated self. An integrated self doesn't hold back. The whole self moves forward with intentions and actions aligned.

Tension emerges when your intentions are not aligned with the way you act in the world. I call it the traffic jam of cross-motivation. It's like trying to open and close your hand at the same time!

Wholeness is the life force that allows you to enact your intentions without holding back.

Put simply, it's what you feel when you embody spontaneity and vitality, like, “Oh, I can do this with my spine! And you won't believe what I can do with my hips! I wonder what else is possible...”  

Life is a dance of choices, and Feldenkrais lessons mirror that dance. Hence, there is no single, correct way you should move, just like there is no single, correct way you should live. We know ourselves through our sensations of movement. The more we sense, the more we know, and the richer and freer life becomes.  

When I first discovered Feldenkrais, it was a revelation to me that I didn't have to stay stuck in judgement or trapped in limited movement. I have always loved Feldenkrais for these reasons.

Erin is a joy to work with and learn from. She is positive, funny, calming, and creative. Feldenkrais sessions with Erin have brought a new perspective on my body, its capabilities, and its patterns. I feel fortunate to have discovered Erin.
— Joanna, Boulder, CO


Saturday, 10:00am-4:30pm
Sunday, 11:00am-5:00pm

$210 for one weekend
$180 each for two or more weekends
Twofer: Bring a friend or family member and pay $180 each.

Location: A lovely studio near Baseline and Cherryvale in East Boulder. Exact address given when you register. 

Cancellation policy: Full refund thirty days or more before the start date; half refund within thirty days of the start date.

Registration: You are ONLY registered when you have paid. 

Note: There are no one-day drop-ins. You must commit to both days to get the full benefit of the lessons.

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I have been practicing Feldenkrais for eight years. I was introduced to it by my father, who lived in Tel Aviv and studied with Dr. Feldenkrais in the 70s. Erin is an exceptional guide to giving Feldenkrais lessons. Her knowledge is profound and she shares it with ease and humor. I feel blessed to have her in my life.
— Jeannine F., Boulder, CO



May 5 & 6: Elegant Expansion:
Letting Go of Unnecessary Contraction

We will look at lengthening and rotating for a feeling of expansiveness. Any time we rotate, we also lengthen. Length is fundamental for health, posture, digestion, and balance. 

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I love the clarity of Erin’s lessons, her voice, the tempo, the messages she puts in between the instructions that help me grow. Erin has experience, clarity, and gentleness. She teaches Feldenkrais as easily as breathing. I pick up how much Feldenkrais means to her, and that gives her lessons extra meaning to me.
— Alexander Elgurén, Oslo, Norway


June 2 & 3: Joyfully Grounded:
You've Never Felt the Earth This Way

We will explore hips joints and low back to create options for both mobility and stability in the human frame. Sense from the inside how you connect through the bones, leading to lightness and ease. 

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July 7 & 8: Trusting Balance: Shifting Weight with Great Skill

We will explore hoisting vs. levering. For example, when are you poised and when are you struggling? Improve your kinesthetic sense by precisely tracking where you are in space. Join us for a study of the law of opposition, rolling, leg swings, and more. 

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August 4 & 5: Finding Wholeness:
The Primary Image and the Five Lines

An in-depth look at integrating our whole self through movement. Human sensory knowledge informs our movement. How do we sense our shape, our impulses, our self-image? These movement lessons are for feeling whole and knowing ourselves through movement. 

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There should be no routine anywhere for the human brain so that when you settle on clarity, it’s the best thing that you can do at that moment.

However, you should be able to revise it with every change of circumstance and health to the best of your ability. All this without being perfect for anyone else. That is why I am not telling you what is perfect. You will find it in your own guts.
— Moshe Feldenkrais