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That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.
— Doris Lessing


erin's mission

In a series of private lessons with Erin, you will learn:

  • How to achieve effortless, graceful movement and posture
  • How to recognize when you may be putting yourself at risk for injury
  • How to use a series of small movements to relieve the day’s stress
  • How to move safely and efficiently
  • How to let go of painful habits

Learn more about Erin's clients: Does Pain Go Away? 

What happens? 

Private lessons are given fully clothed on a low, padded table. Erin moves you in gentle ways that help your nervous system establish new movement patterns. Erin's teaching is unique. She gives you her absolute, full, compassionate attention as you progress toward re-establishing safe, easy, comfortable ways to move.

People usually come to Erin with a chronic movement limitation or physical complaint, often after they have tried everything and feel desperate and in need of hope! They stay because of the life-changing benefits of releasing old patterns. 

Erin helps you discover the relief of skeletal support. She meets you where you are with a compassionate, non-judgmental approach. 

In 2007, my back and leg pain could only be relieved by my sessions with Erin. When a necessary surgery left me partially paralyzed, I had to learn to walk again. Erin explains things very clearly and she has an amazing ability to sense what is going on in t he body. My work with Erin has changed my life for the better.
— Paula B., Lafayette, CO


$160 for the first lesson, 1.5 hours
$115 for a single lesson, 1 hour
$380 for a package of four lessons, 1 hour each

  • add 8 audio lessons for $79

You own the audio lessons so you can do them again and again. All sales final.

Please wear comfortable clothing or bring some to change into. It is recommended that you engage in a series of lessons as the effect is cumulative. Combining private lessons with classes or audio lessons can be extremely effective to change old patterns.


Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged for that session. You will also be charged if you erroneously booked an appointment using the online scheduler as this still blocks off my time. Thank you for understanding.

Erin is a joy to work with. She is positive, funny, calming, and creative. Feldenkrais sessions with Erin have brought a new perspective on my body, its capabilities, and its patterns. I feel fortunate to have discovered Erin — and the many resources she offers in addition to individual sessions.
— Joanna, Boulder, CO

erin's clients

Erin works with people who have injury, pain, movement limitations, and neurological difficulties as well as dancers, musicians, athletes, educators, and people with "poor posture" who are looking to enhance their lives through easier movement. She also brings a personal experience of seeking a wide range of help for her own lifelong chronic pain. 

Her teaching is unique because she will never correct you, but rather show you how to find your own way through the thicket of self-awareness and self-knowledge of your movement patterns (which are really life patterns). It's as if there are weeds growing over the path. She will give you a weed whacker and point you in the right direction, then you can decide if it's even the right path you are on.

I was introduced to Feldenkrais by my father, who lived in Tel Aviv and studied with Dr. Feldenkrais for a year in the 70s. I have found it incredibly helpful in becoming aware of how I move. Erin is an exceptional guide, her knowledge is profound and she shares it with ease and humor.
— Jeannine F., Boulder, CO

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