skeletal life workshops

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graceful posture: coordinating front and back


Do you wish you felt effortlessly balanced? Have you considered how the habitual tension you hold in the low back or the belly can hinder that? Unwind that tension through this special set of lessons on Graceful Posture. I highly recommend getting the whole set so you can discover for yourself how easy it is to feel long, tall, and graceful.

Do these eight lessons in sequence at least once, then pick your favorites!


set 1

1 Smooth rolling to the side, 42 min
2 Tilt to the side without flopping, 42 min
3 How to take a natural breath, 29 min
4 Smooth rolling to the belly, 45 min

set 2

5 Breathe into belly and back, 27 min
6 Tilting in standing to find your center, 33 min
7 Soft spine curling and uncurling, 43 min
8 Clarifying folding many ways, 42 min


elegant expansion: letting go of unnecessary contraction


Holding the ribs, belly, and low back is a common affliction that affects our ability to move, stand up, digest, breathe, and speak. Discover what lightness and ease really feel like by letting go of all that holding!


set 1

1 Expand the lobes of the lungs, 32 min
2 Knees to elbows, lengthening back, 45 min
3 Threading legs, softening chest, 50 min
4 Seesaw breathing, 35 min

set 2

5a Flexors and extensors part 1, 30 min
5b Flexors and extensors part 2, 26 min
6a Classical twist part 1, 26 min
6b Classical twist part 2, 25 min
7 Releasing hips by holding feet, 39 min
8 Tanden with bending knees, 35 min