how to do a feldenkrais lesson

  1. Lie down on the floor on a blanket. Not the bed. It's too squishy. 
  2. Give yourself permission to attend to yourself in a deep, almost meditative way. Gently experiment with the movement suggestions. Do not push, pull, or struggle against yourself. 
  3. Do not do "reps." Instead of repeating a movement mechanically and mindlessly, stop when your attention drifts.
  4. Stop before anything is uncomfortable. Do less, imagine it, or rest. 
  5. Move your attention around your musculoskeletal system. Pushing harder against the same trajectory is madness! Instead, change the trajectory, change the initiation point, or change the places that soften. 
  6. Listen for what feels comfortable and easy. Remember, your nervous system does not learn if you are mean to it. 
  7. Do not worry whether you're doing it correctly. There is no correction, only more variation. It is through the variations that your system will extract a new, more efficient pattern. Once you've done a few lessons, you'll see how it works. 
  8. Read these three articles:
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