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Letting Go of Resistance: Feet and Ankles

The two feet house 25% of all the bones in the human body. We often take them for granted, but we use them in every activity whether it's competitive cycling or strolling through the farmer's market. Many people in our culture live with the feet stuck in plate-like position to some degree. When this happens, the rest of the body has to compensate for a lack of variability in the feet. This is a great cause of knee problems.    

Just think: the knees were not meant to accommodate the huge variety of angles, directions, and planes that the feet are capable of. So when the feet cease to move and respond to the earth, more movement is demanded of the knees, and then of the hips, and then of the pelvis, and so on. We begin to make all kinds of funny adjustments in our torso to make up for intractable feet.  

In this series of lessons we will take the pressure off the knees and hips by improving movement in the feet and ankles. This can help you sit more comfortably, hike, bike, and do yoga better, as well as conserve energy in the torso for when you really need it.   

Location: 2825 Marine Street, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303
Cost: $60
Class size limited to 7 so register early.

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