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Letting Go of Resistance: Hips and Low Back

Three gentle, easy movement lessons to unwind chronic tension and holding.

Many people think the Feldenkrais Method is about movement. In part, they are right. But anyone who has attempted it quickly realizes that its primary effect is on the interior landscape. It literally changes your relationship with yourself. How is that?

Because how you move is a reflection of your inner world. Our lives are a composition in movement: Gestures, head tilts, facial expressions, vocal tones, shifts in weight, laughing in joy, freezing in tension, leaning into conversation, retreating from an abrasive experience...all is movement.

Location: 2825 Marine Street, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303
Cost: $60
Class size limited to seven to register early to reserve your spot.

If you want to improve the self-image, you must first value yourself as an individual. If you can see yourself with compassion, with humanity, you will achieve the self-respect that allows you to further your own education. If you don’t, you will only be furthering others’ ideas of you.

— Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself.

— Karl Pribram, M.D., Neuroscientist