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Letting Go of Resistance: Neck and Shoulders

Three soft, gentle movement experiments to soften tension and holding we don't even know we have.

Our lives are a composition in movement: Gestures, head tilts, facial expressions, vocal tones, shifts in weight, laughing in joy, freezing in tension, leaning into conversation, retreating from an abrasive experience...all movement. I evolved these commitments as optimal ways to engage with learning:

1. Commitment to non-judgmental observation and openness to my true experience
2. Commitment to compassion for myself by seeking ease and effortlessness
3. Commitment to discovering the process over achieving the goal
4. Commitment to learning about possibilities over perpetuating conditioned patterns
5. Commitment to connection and spontaneity over denial and tension

Class size limited to 7 so register early.
Location: 2825 Marine Street, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303
Cost: $60