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Falling in Love With Your Life part 1: Melting Away Resistance

Falling in love with your life means not letting negative judgment be your guide. It means accepting your internal experience as your truthful relationship to the world.

Falling in love with your life is like falling into awakening. Any kind of love makes everything look brighter, more vivid, and joyful. Why don't we always feel this? Because we resist it. Our history created a reference point for our experience and we return to it again and again.

What if we changed that reference point?

In this workshop we will practice getting in touch with our direct experience instead of what we think about our experience. We will also test what it means to live from a new reference point. This will be a process of allowing our relationship to the world to be so honest that everything flows through us instead of piling up in a log jam somewhere under the left shoulder, the neck, the right hip, or the low back, or wherever your favorite place to resist is. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Location: Bodywork Bistro, 3825 Iris Ave. Suite 300, Boulder, CO, 80301, 303.413.1992
Cost: $50/one; $129 for three (15% off), $160 for four (20% off)
Click to pay. Email to register. Workshop fees are non-refundable, however they are transferable. Extenuating circumstances always considered.

Changing Workshops

If you register for a workshop in advance and then have an unavoidable conflict, you may change to another workshop up to seven days prior to the date. Within seven days of the workshop you are welcome to give your spot to someone else if you cannot attend.

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