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Allowing Resistance to Melt

Every Body Can Learn

The Feldenkrais Method is effective because it accesses our innate ability to learn. Learning is the most powerful aspect of being human. We can learn, over and over again, to choose vivid freedom, creativity and spontaneity instead of react in conditioned ways. But it is not until we are aware of what we need to learn that we can even imagine letting go of our conditioned tension.

This method provides ingenious tools for accessing your original freedom of movement. It enables you to rediscover movements that have been forgotten or excluded in your usual way of doing things. By helping you feel how your whole body cooperates in any movement, it assists you in living your life more fully, efficiently, and comfortably.

This series of classes will wake up your natural ability to learn new skills. Over four Saturdays we will look at how fundamental human patterns can be relearned.


Saturday, September 6, 10am-12pm:

  1. Long legs, long torso -- Improve hip joints by lengthening the back.
  2. Wrists and ankles -- Explore how patterns in the wrists and ankles facilitate walking.

Saturday, September 13, 10am-12pm:

  1. Planted hand -- Learn how to move around your hands instead of your hands moving around you.
  2. Exhaling -- Dehabituate ruts in the breath. Clarify exhalation and let the inhalation happen on its own.
  3. Flying arms -- Uncover how movements in the fingers make the arms feel light and fluid.

Saturday, September 20, 10am-12pm:

  1. Shoulder circles -- Connect the arms into the chest and back
  2. Folding in the spine -- Differentiate subtle movements in the spine as they spread throughout the whole skeleton

Saturday, September 27, 10am-12pm:

  1. Jaw and neck -- Reclaim softness in the jaw and neck.
  2. Jaw and shoulders -- Extend that softness into the organization of the upper back.
  3. Pelvic clock and jaw movements -- Integrate the jaw and neck with the spine and pelvis.

Location: Marine Street Wellness Center, 2825 Marine Street, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303

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Allowing Resistance to Melt
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Allowing Resistance to Melt