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What to Learn and How to Learn It: How the Nervous System Adapts

We only adopt a new behavior if it it relevant to our survival. The nervous system has to sense, feel, and trust that the new pattern is vital and necessary. Otherwise it filters it out and revers to old habits. This is why after a massage we revert back to the same pattern and the twinges and aches come back.

What pattern do you have that you can't stop doing? This is vital to learning. There is always something we do all the time that is part of our baseline experience, whether it's constantly clenching the jaw, contracting the back muscles, curling the toes, or holding the breath, there is a habit that overrides all others around which we organize our movement and our life. How to slip a new movement pattern past age-old habits is the amazing brilliance of the Feldenkrais method. Here is a description of that from another teacher:

"We realize in the movements that we are rarely awake to our own life—inner and outer. We see that we always react in a habitual and conditioned way; we become aware that our three main centers, head, body, feeling, rarely work together or in harmony. We begin to try to move always intentionally—not mechanically—and we discover in ourselves many hitherto unexpected possibilities."  

Because Feldenkrais strengthens your powers of observation, it helps you overcome blindness and ambiguity. Rather than telling you how to perform, Feldenkrais returns you to a deep internal knowing.

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Location: Marine Street Wellness Center, 2825 Marine Street, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303
Cost: $50. You are registered when you have paid.

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