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Introduction: How can strength be neurological?

  • 2825 Marine Street Boulder, CO, 80303 United States (map)

Welcome! Have you ever considered how your movement patterns affect your mental and physical life? If you're feeling stuck, you might be surprised to discover how releasing old habits of moving is linked directly to your well being. Dr. Feldenkrais wrote that: 

The truly important learning is to be able to do the thing you already know in another way. The more ways you have to do the things you know, the freer is your choice.
And the freer your choice, the more you're a human being.

Rather than "fixing" the body, he  taught how to expand its capacities and ranges of choice. How does this affect our strength?

Join Erin for an in-depth discussion and:

  • an experience of Feldenkrais movement lessons
  • an overview of how Feldenkrais works
  • a hands-on demonstration
  • discussion and Q&A so you can find out how Feldenkrais can help you

Erin is deep and knowledgeable and the lessons always feel new.
— Ziva M., Louisville, CO

Intro November 10th: Open to all
from 45.00

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