the feldenkrais method®

Experience the life-changing benefits of balancing your movement with Erin Ferguson, your local Feldenkrais practitioner®.

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Movement lessons with Erin bring renewed hope when you feel out of balance from painful, unconscious habits. Discover how to: 

  • let go of unconscious tension
  • move more efficiently
  • find support through the bones
  • improve coordination
  • rediscover joy in movement
  • prevent injury 
  • feel freer, lighter, and more balanced

While other kinds of movement teachers focus on the muscles, Erin's work is designed to make changes where it counts: in your brain. She doesn't prescribe one-size-fits-all tactics, like many medical professionals. She actually listens to you, deeply and non-judgmentally, then she applies her 22 years' experience to answering all the questions you didn't even know you had! 


Whether you want to improve athletic performance, reduce chronic aches and pains, get help for neurological issues, restore movement after surgery or injury, or get tools to manage anxiety and overwhelm, Erin knows how to uncover sensorimotor patterns that make life easy again. 

your quality of life is not up for negotiation. 

At its core, Feldenkrais is about returning you to your original wholeness using the body to communicate red flags for areas that could offer greater freedom if you chose to engage them. The beauty of Erin’s work is that she creates the perfect environment for you to choose to transform yourself, and she does it exquisitely.
— Kate, Golden, CO


THREE WAYs TO start living better

Combine private lessons with group classes or home audio for better results. 

meet your inner compass

Private lessons are given fully clothed on a low, padded table. While you rest, Erin moves you in gentle, safe ways to re-establish fundamental balance, coordination, and sensorimotor connections. 

how does it work?

Erin is a marvelous teacher. She moves at the pace you request, and always explains the reason for what she is doing.
— Susan, Boulder, CO

move with maximum ease

Feel life is easy again with gentle, verbally guided movements that wake up new patterns. No experience necessary. Erin offers drop-ins during the week and longer classes on the weekends. 

drop-in classes  |  weekend workshops

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the classes. My body has not felt this much ease in a long time. I also appreciate your sense of humor, which is a nice plus.
— Maureen M., Boulder, CO

make changes where it counts

Combine audio downloads with private lessons, or do them as a separate practice. Lessons are about 30-40 minutes. Each package has a free lesson to play now!  

check out audio downloads

I love the clarity of the lessons, Erin’s voice, the tempo, the messages she puts in between the instructions that help me grow. She teaches Feldenkrais as easily as breathing.
— Alexander E., Oslo, Norway