Meet Erin Ferguson, your local Feldenkrais Practitioner® with over seventeen years' experience helping people with chronic pain and movement limitations. 
Contact Erin today if you'd like to: 

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Manage anxiety
  • Learn about your movement patterns
  • Recover function after surgery or injury
  • Experience ease and flow in your daily life

New! Six-week class on breathing and posture onThursdays, October 6-November 10  5:15pm-6:30pm, $84
Fluid breathing has profound effects. When your breath is free of accumulated physical, emotional, or mental stresses, your life is nourished by the breath. 


erin offers


Instant mp3 downloads taught by Erin to help you sense easy, efficient movement. Plus, it's fun to discover new ways to move. 

The way Erin presents the lessons by gently guiding you through the movements is extensive and engaging. I join the many who benefit from the expertise and caring Erin brings to her work and to her life.
— Patti, Thornton, CO

In private Functional Integration® lessons Erin will address your unique configuration as she moves you in gentle, non-invasive ways that invite new patterns of action. 
Can Feldenkrais help me?

My experience with Erin has been a true gift. She is a patient, gentle, non-judgmental, and insightful practitioner. I recommend Erin to anyone who wants to create a wiser, more relaxed, pain-free body!
— Music teacher, Westminster, CO

In group Awareness Through Movement® lessons you are directed to use your own sensory feedback to improve function, balance, and coordination. 

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the classes. My body has not felt this much ease in a long time. I knew I was holding tension, but had no idea how to release it. Feldenkrais is so subtle but so powerful. I also appreciate your sense of humor, which is a nice plus.
— Maureen, Boulder, CO

about erin

Erin Ferguson, MA, GCFP, brings over seventeen years of advanced movement studies to her practice. She also brings personal experience of seeking a wide range of help for her own lifelong chronic pain. She found that the Feldenkrais Method was the only conventional or alternative approach that helped, and it affected her deeply, on many levels. 

Erin values non-judgmental acceptance of where you are at in the moment. She will not correct you, instead she will work with you to find comfort and stability within your unique history. Erin's objective is not to create any structural change or correction, but rather to help you discover new functional possibilities within yourself and to incorporate those possibilities into your life. 

The process of letting go of compulsive habits is a powerful way to connect with a truer, more honest sense of yourself. Old patterns can drift into the distance, new habits bring ease, flow, and a generosity of being.
— Erin

about moshe

The method was developed by physicist and Judo teacher Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. It is based on principles of physics, martial arts, biomechanics, and an understanding of learning and human development. The method is useful for people who want to overcome limitations brought on by stress, misuse, accident, or illness. It is also beneficial for people who want to perform and feel better physically and mentally.

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

people are saying...

I had years of pain and limitation from accidents and surgeries. This method, and Erin in particular, is so honoring of my body and how it has adapted. She is extremely gentle, and has empowered me with new strategies to increase movement. I am thrilled with how much I am able to participate in life now! Thank you, Erin!
— Eileen, Westminster, CO
After my spinal surgery at age 70 I thought that holding my back as stationery as possible was the best way the avoid pain. What an astonishing concept to realize that movement of the body was beneficial!! And Erin is a marvelous teacher; she proceeds at the pace you request and always explains the reason for what she is doing.
— Susan, Boulder, CO